WOD 140219

Complete for time:
4 rounds for both partners

10 Kipping Deficit HSPU (4”/2”)

10 Pistols ( 5 per leg )

10 DB Boxovers  24/20 50’s/35’s

10 Burpee Over Bar

10 Calories Rowing

50 Double Unders

Workout flow.

P1 Enters the workout – as soon as he or she finishes the HSPU – P2 Can start the HSPU. 

You cannot move on to the next station if P1 hasn’t completed it.

To start the next rounds, you must wait for both members to finish the round.

Work goes in reverse order on round 2 and 4.

Round 1/3  10 HSPU/10 pistols/10 DB Box Overs/10 Burpee over Bar/10 Cals/50 UB Dubs

Round 2/4 50 UB Dubs/ 10 Cals Rowing /10 Burpee over Bar/10 DB Boxovers/10 Pistols/10 HSPU

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