WOD 2/3

Workout 2: Pairs split 9 Total Rep Max Overhead Squat
Male 1, Male 2

Workout 3: Pairs split 9 Total Rep Max Overhead Squat
Female 1, Female 2

Monday, December 16th at 8pm EST

This workout is scored by the total 9RM between the two members of the same gender.

Workout 2 is a 9RM for both men, workout 3 is the 9RM for both women. Athletes can break up the 9RM however they wish.
If male 1 performs only 1 Overhead Squat, male 2 must perform 8.
If male 1 performs 6 Overhead Squats, male 2 must perform 3.

The same goes for the female version of the workout. The team’s score is the total of each sex.
The barbell can come off of the rack, floor or shoulders.

All scores must be submitted in pounds (lbs) regardless if performed in kilograms (kg).

This workout is scored as the combined weight of each athlete’s repetition of the 9RM Overhead Squat.


Overhead Squat
The hip crease must be below the top of the knee in the bottom position. A squat snatch is permitted, but not required, to start the first repetition as long as the standard depth is achieved.

The bar may come off a rack, cleaned and back racked, etc.
Once the crease of the hip has gone below parallel, the athlete can stand to full extension with the barbell in an overhead position.

Clips must be used for all lifts to be counted.

– Barbell, Clips, Plates

Prior to starting, the athlete must state their name, workout being performed, and clearly film the barbell and weights to be used so the weight can be identified. All video submissions should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance. A clock or timer, with the running workout time clearly visible, should be in the frame throughout the entire workout. Shoot the video from an angle so all exercises can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses cause.

Weights used must be declared and confirmed on video for score to be accepted. Clips must be on for score to count.

While video submission is not required until the conclusion of the challenge, we recommend filming all of your completed workouts in preparation for those requested.