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online Team qualifications for the Elite, Rx and Community category will be held this fall. The top 16 teams of 2 men and 2 women will earn a place in the Elite Division, while teams 17 to 32 will be invited to take part in the CrossFit® Atlas Games in the Rx division. Top 10 affiliates win the most registration in the Indy CAGOQ will be able to send a team to compete in the community division. The registrations for the online qualifications will open this fall. All the athletes must refer to the official CrossFit® rule book. All athletes are eligible for random drug testing.

The athletes will have a total of 6 workouts to complete over 2 weeks. The 4
athletes scores will be added together to determine the final score for the
team in each workout. 2 workouts must be done in a 4-day predetermined block of
time. The workouts will be announced at 5PM (E.S.T) on schedule, and the
athletes will have until 8PM to enter their score on their profile in the Competition Corner software on the due date. No extension of time will be granted to complete the workouts. If an athlete does not enter his results on time or
if he doesn’t make his video available, he will automatically get a score of 0.

All athletes must film their training and upload it before the due date and time.
We are associated with WODPROOF, and strongly recommend the athletes use this
platform as it automatically uploads all stats to your training video. The
athletes must also make sure they respect the standard guidelines for the
presentation. (Link to validation text)

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