What is the CrossFit® Atlas Games Online Qualifier

The CrossFit® Atlas Games Online Qualifier (CAGOQ) is a two-part online workout challenge where athletes come to test their fitness. Choose to go indy or team! Cause you want to compete on the main floor at the 2020 CrossFit® Atlas Games

During the CAGOQ, athletes can expect challenging workouts, fun prizes and some exclusive access to the CrossFit® Atlas Games

During these 3 weeks, all workouts and scores will be posted to the CAGOQ Leaderboard, where you and your friends can see each other’s scores and find out where you stack up against the rest of the community.

You know it, one of the best parts of going to the gym every day is seeing your friends and talking about the WOD, asking for new PR’s or trash-talking your buddy’s performances.

Many gyms are programming the workouts anyway, why not see where you stack up?! Everyone will be doing the same workout, trying to beat the clock, and push just a little bit harder than usual to see where they sit on the leaderboard. After the CAGOQ comes to a close, the top athletes in each division will earn their invitation to the CrossFit® Atlas Games in Montreal.

At the beginning of each week (Wednesday) during the Online Qualifier, Atlas Games will release multiple workouts at 5pm ET. Athletes will have until 5pm on the last day(Monday) of the Stage to complete the workouts and submit their score.

For those who choose the Team Qualifier. The pattern is similar. 10 days to perform 10 workouts. Each member of the team will have to complete the workouts.

Athletes looking to compete at CrossFit® Atlas Games should visit the “How to Compete” page for more information on registration, division standards and how to submit scores.

The CAGOQ not only brings fun times to your gym and community, but it provides an opportunity to test your fitness and beat your friends in another way.

CrossFit Atlas Games  has teamed up with Wodapolooza and Filthy150  to bring athletes from around the world a new way to compete at CrossFit Sanctionals events next season.

This year’s changes to the CrossFit Games format has brought plenty of new challenges for competitive athletes, chief among them being the qualification process for events they wish to compete at. A brand new online event, The International Online Qualifier, will allow athletes to complete one set of qualifier workouts and potentially qualify for multiple Sanctionals events all in one go. The collaboration between Filthy 150(Nov 2019), Wodapalooza(Feb 2020) and the Atlas Games(March 2020) aims to streamline the qualification process for athletes and simplify the planning of their season ahead.

How it works

Registration Opens July 1st, 2019

Registration closes August 26th, 2019 - 5pm EST

Athletes can choose to challenge themselves through the individual qualifier, the team qualifier or both!

Individual Qualifier 

Week 1: August 21st-26th, 2019
Week 2: August 28th -September 2nd, 2019
Week 3: September 4th-9th,2019

Team Qualifier

December 6-16, 2019