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CrossFit® Atlas Games is looking for people who like to work with others! Members of this group will take on responsibilities in the following fields: registering the athletes and volunteers, athlete management, security, access control, results manager, equipment manager, floor competition manager, judge, workshop, portal, volunteer manager, etc.

These people are vital to the overall experience of all events related to the Atlas Games and thanks to them; our 2019-2020 season will be phenomenal. Each and every individual that takes part as a volunteer must be proud of what they bring to each event. The volunteer managers will assign a volunteer to each specific field.

Operations Team

Our operations team controls the largest part of the event. From registering the athletes, managing the viewer’s access, to managing the volunteers, our operations team ensures that the best possible environment for the athletes and viewers is in place for all to have an unforgettable experience.

We are always looking to add members to our managing team. The more we are, the less workload for everyone.

Judging Team

We have a team of professional judges and refer to their expertise to be able to offer a fair and just competition to the athletes. Which is why we need a certain level of experience in the field when it comes to filling in these positions. 

To join this team, you must have experience as a competition judge as well as a CrossFit® Judge Course Certificate. Level 1 CrossFit® Certification is required to judge the Elite division (individual and team).

Equipment personnel

You’re not the one competing, but you want to show off your fitness. Here’s your chance! We are well aware that this is the team who will be working the most physically over the weekend. Choose your shift to take full advantage of your week-end; set-up, competition floor management, disassembly.

No requirements here, we have work for everyone. If ever you have experience in the heavy machinery field, let us know, it’s always useful. A special gift awaits you!

Results personnel

Front-row seats to the athletes ranking. You will be responsible for the data entry and each athlete’s score, as well as each competition wave. Our team is thorough and alert as every little detail is vital to avoid any mistakes. Our team is also responsible for answering any questions the athletes may have if ever an error is made with their score.

Basic knowledge with Outlook and Excel is required; however, the Competition Lab software can be mastered by anyone!

Medical Team

Ever since the beginning of the Atlas Games back in 2016, security has always been a top priority and a significant part of the event’s success. Either for daily treatments to the athletes, minor injuries during competitions or if anything serious should happen, we need personnel with experience in this matter.

Management Team

Management of the athletes and volunteers require people that participate in the event set-up. If you are interested in behind the scene access to the CrossFit® Atlas Games and regionals, this year-long position is for you.

It’s not an everyday job, but monthly meetings allow everyone to bring their ideas to the table to create the best event that can be. Become part of the Atlas Games as of today!

–    Athletes manager

–    Volunteer manager

–    Score manager

–    Equipment manager

–    Media manager

–    Judge manager

–    Special events manager

–    Sponsor manager